Sustainable Performance 2022

Promoting a future where sustainability is applied to all areas of human development is a challenge embodied in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The evidence points to the need to act together, generating strategic alliances and seeking holistic solutions inspired by intergenerational solidarity.

For decades, Citromax SACI has demonstrated the ability to generate value both in the production process and in society and the environment, working every day to reduce environmental impact and increase productivity levels. We have embedded the values of sustainability into our company culture, making them the bedrock of our entire organization.

Our commitment to sustainable growth is a strategic decision based on intergenerational solidarity. Our corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives promote awareness and values in our communities, which is essential for economic well-being and the social and environmental future for generations to come.

In 2020, we made the decision to align all of our operations with the 2030 Agenda. Through an SDG Baseline Study, the information was systematized, which as a result allowed us to know the contributions generated by the operations carried out throughout the value chain, to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

In 2021, our commitment to sustainability was communicated through a single document called “Sustainable Performance”. This document brings together sustainability practices and performance across the company, and organized the information under 5 sustainability axes aligned with our Sustainability Policy. Namely: 1) Productive Development, 2) Operational Transparency, 3) Labor Commitment, 4) Environmental Care, and 5) Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion.


In 2022, with the new post-COVID-19 normality, we projected Strategic Alliances with various public and private organizations, which helped us show the company’s good practices with the community, raising awareness and promoting values for caring for the environment.

For the second consecutive year, Citromax is creating a single document that provides a comprehensive description of its environmental, social and economic performance during 2022, as well as its progress and future goals to achieve a sustainable and prosperous business.

This new sustainability document has more than 149 performance indicators, which contribute significantly to 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our contribution to the SDGs is analyzed from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective, establishing criteria to measure our positive impacts on each of them. During 2022, 6 SDGs had the greatest contribution since the development of our operations:

We invite you to download our Sustainable Performance 2022, and learn about our impact on the local community and the world: Desempeño Sostenible 2022 – Versión digital2.pdf

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